Why Are Border Collie Dogs Smart?

Dogs are actually considered as man’s best friend, which is why a lot of people have one at their respective homes. Aside from being fussy and cute, dogs are very smart. One of the most intellectual dogs in this world is the border collie. The IQ of this kind of dog is actually the same as the IQ of the famous scientists this world has known. That is why this type of dog has gained so much popularity and attention now. What is good about this dog is that it can easily understand instructions and the like. In fact, if you are going to show to them body signs, they can understand right away. Have you seen a breed of dog who likes puzzles and problem solving than a border collie? If you want to rest their intellect, go ahead and do so. They can go through agility trials if you what.

Border collie simply memorize routes and places. They have plenty of skills and abilities too. As smart as they are, they can easily figure out how things should be done. They can follow instructions right. Because of this, you can have no problems while training them. What most people are amazed about border collie is the fact that they can help you in completing some of your tasks. You will love this dog especially because of his or her loyalty. If you need help with your car, when your wrench, and more, the border collies will be the one to help you with it. They know how to operate lights for that matter. They are one of the most exciting pets you can have in your lifetime. Did you also know that border collie has the ability to open and close windows at home? The craziest thing is for them to open a refrigerator. If you are hungry, you just tell them what snacks to get from it. There is a snack that you can give them too during break time. When it comes down to taking care or owning a border collie, you must be a good pet owner. They know if you are and will treasure you growing up. If you want them to be smart, you need to give them activities that will continually stimulate their brain. The activities you provide for them must also be engaging. You know, dog treats are still effective in encouraging dogs to participate in activities for them. If you want to shop for dog treats, you can easily order them online these days.