Should You Consider Selling Diabetic Test Strips For Cash? There are a lot of diabetics who don’t have any idea that they can actually get cash by selling their extra and unused diabetic strips than just throwing them away. But some other diabetics have discovered that this is possible and thus, selling them for various reasons. Diabetics got extra more boxes than what they needs when ordering it on mail from mail order companies. Other reasons are because of the changing testing requirements similar to not needing to test as frequent as before, they’re no longer in need of such, their doctor has changed prescription to a different brand and so on. There are numerous reasons why selling test strips is a good idea such as being able to get cash in the process and help other diabetics out there. Dealers who are buying diabetic test strips are doing so for various purposes as well while the most prominent is being able to make money while other dealers are doing it to help diabetics that can’t afford to pay for the full price from pharmacy as their insurance does not cover it, they don’t have insurance coverage or even with insurance, the deductible is still high. Due to the reason that selling diabetic test strips for cash have become so prominent in the past few years, there are now plenty of respectable buyers online where you can mail the test strips and get cash in return. Many buyers are actually willing to pay between 2 to 10 dollars per box while others can even pay upwards to twice of that amount. It normally takes just a few minutes to do research and find a couple of individuals and companies that will buy the test strip and others may even reimburse you for the cost of shipping.
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On the other hand, before successfully selling your strips, it shouldn’t be opened, the box is not damaged, has ideally around 6 months or more before it expires otherwise, you can’t resell it. However, there are those who are buying strips that are short dated or typically within 3 months before expiration but is still willing to buy such but of course, for a lesser price, which is the same for damaged diabetic test strip boxes.
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With this being said, whether you have decided to sell or not your test strips, it is all up to you to make. Just keep in mind however that there are many people who are in need of such and these test strips will do no good in case that it ended up in landfills.