Wear Your Expressions With A Tattoo When we speak of the word tattoo, we can expect different reaction from people. Tattoos are practically eye catching work of arts. Tattoo arts are different prom person to person depending on the individuals perspective upon getting one. These designs are truly magnificent work of arts that the second you look at a tattoo, you would right away think of getting one. Nowadays, tattoos are widely accepted work of arts in the society compared to what it was in the past, although there are still a lot of people that doesn’t like the idea of having a permanent ink in their body. Different people may have different reasons for getting a tattoo but one thing is for sure, tattoos are work of art that is as ancient as mankind itself. Tattoo is actually a Tahitian word that means to mark something. The first ever recorded account of a man having a tattoo was found during the early 1900s and was discovered at Southern Europe. With the use of carbon dating techniques, scientists found out that the man was have existed about 5,300 years ago. The number of tattoos found in his body is estimated to be fifty eight tattoos. This made archaeologist thinks that the man is a person of strong influence during his existence. The tattoos on the man’s body are printed using water based and charcoal materials.
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The ancient civilization viewed tattoo as a certain kind of ward against bad luck and sickness. The first known civilization to employ the use of needles in printing tattoos on skin are the Egyptians. This theory has been proven by archeologist as they have found a lot of Ancient Egyptian tomb that shows evidence of tattoo decorations not only on objects but also on mummified human remains . Tattoo has since then spread like wildfire all over the ancient world from Greece to Arabia as well as Asia dating back 200 BC.
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Ancient Japan used tattoos as a form of identification for people who have committed crimes. Later on, as centuries passed by, tattoos have evolved into a fine form of art, which paved the way for tattoo artists to create a lot of beautiful designs that anyone can choose from. There are even gangs that are well known for their use of tattoos in threatening their rival gangs. Most of the modern tattoo artist are using the concepts of these gangs in the tattoo designs that they make. Ancient Polynesian civilizations are also well known contributors of tattoo designs. These civilizations have their own way of applying tattoo through the use of pointed objects such as sharpened ivory, sticks and bone pieces as well. The tattoo is inked into the skin using the sharp objects by hitting it with a mallet-type instrument so as to chisel ink to the skin. Ancient people use a variety of tools in inking tattoo designs into the skin, as a matter of fact, they are known to use a tool set in doing so.