Making Your Dog Look Great through Grooming

It is very important to groom a dog. This is apart from giving the dog a healthy meal and ample exercises. Grooming and feeding a dog well not only promotes good health but also makes the dog look attractive. The attractiveness of a dog gives the owner great satisfaction. There are dog owners who wait for very long before they groom their dogs. It is not advisable to follow this trend. You should ensure that grooming is done very often even if it is in small bits.

So what entails grooming a dog? Brushing is the first grooming step. The fur of a dog requires regular brushing. Dog coats should however be brushed based on the size of the coat. Short coated dogs can be brushed weekly. You can use rubber brushes and bristle ones on short coated dogs. For long coats, more regular and specialized brushing is important. The fact that long coats do tangle means that slicker brushes are ideal for brushing them.

During brushing is also the time that one needs to check if there is manifestation of ticks on the dog’s skin. If you find ticks, use a good method of prevention and eradication. One last thing of importance when it comes to brushing a dog’s coat is to ensure that you do not forget to brush the tail and feet. Among ideal places for tick infestation are feet and tails. Tick prevention for dogs should be done if any traces of ticks are found.

One should bath a dog at regular intervals. Weather conditions and activities undertaken by the dog should guide intervals for dog bathing. It begins with using brushes to brush the coat then using lukewarm water for bathing. Special dog shampoo should be used all the way so as to reduce irritation of the skin. The dog can be well distracted using toys for easy bathing. Proper rinsing helps to avoid irritation. Low heat blow dryers can also be used to dry the dog. As you bath the dog check for infections especially in the ears.

Nail trimming is another grooming step that people ignore. Weekly trimming can be done as well as when there is need. The fact that dogs dislike nail cutting means that you should consider giving the dog a treat each time you cut its nails. Hold the foot gently but steadily when cutting the nails. Cut a small bit of the nail at a time and stop in case you cut a spongy part. Use a nail cauterizer or even styptic powder to stop any bleeding. Observation of the above given grooming tips lead to dogs being happy, healthy and attractive in public.