Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Harness.

You can let your dog roam free at home but when you are going for a walk a harness is a great product to have. It is not all the time when you can depend on a leash. With a harness, the dog will not end up damaging its neck or throat when it pulls on the leash. This is even worse when the collar is tight. You will not be terrified about what will happen in case of jumping up if the dog has a harness. There are things you ought to consider in purchasing a harness so that you can get the best. You will have to decide between a back or front clip. If you go for the front-clip, the leash attachment will be located at the center of your dogs chest. The back-clip harness models have the leash at the top of the dogs back of the shoulder area. It is advisable for you to get a front-clip model if you have a big dog or even a puppy that likes to pull. You will have better directional control in such a manner. You will be more comfortable using the back-clip model and the same goes for the dog not to forget that these models come in many styles and also patterns. However, these are most suitable for small and calm dogs. These are discouraged for large dogs because they will learn to pull harder even when you are not applying any pressure.

There is also the point of getting constricting harnesses or not. The effect seen on choke collars is the same when any dog pulls. They are highly effective but not to be used without talking to your vet about that. Without proper use, they can cause damage to the internal organs, the chest and the ribs. You do not want to cause this kind of harm to your dog. Do not forget about the harness material. There are many different kinds on the market including some made of fabric, leather, plastic and also nylon. If the dog loves chewing things, you need the harness to be sturdy. If the dog cannot stay away from the rain or when it will play in the water on a frequent basis, you ought to ensure that the material drying effects are on top. Also, pick a harness material that will not give you a lot of stress to clean.

There are also situations where the visibility of the harness will be something you will have to consider as well. If you take the dog exploring or hiking, visibility is essential. You may find harnesses which come with LED lights or with a reflective material. To learn more about collar and harness you can click on this link now or check it out!