About The Aquablock Fish Tanks & Aquariums

The AQUABLOCK, a glass fish aquarium, was created based upon the desire to bring together a balance of nature, dcor, and the tranquility of aquatic life. These aquariums are small in size making them ideal for any desktop or tabletop. They are also portable and easy to clean because the colorful gravel is glued down, which makes the tanks perfect as a childs first pet. The AquaBlock fish aquariums offer a variety of options to customize and personalize each tank.

Betta fish swim easily in our desktop sized tanks. Also referred to as “Japanese Fighting Fish” or “Puddle Fish,” Betta are appealing to people because of their large flowing, colorful fins. These enchanting fins can be irresistible to other fish that may be tempted to take a nibble. So, keeping a Betta in its own tank is not mean or punishment, but can be helpful to a Bettas survival. Betta fish belong to the group Anabantoids, or “air-breathing.” This air breathing feature is unique and is absent in most other fish. Their air breathing organ allows the Betta to live in low oxygenated water. They swim to the surface and actually take a breath through its mouth, which then passes air over its labyrinth organ at the base of its gills where the air is extracted enabling the fish to breath.

There have been many studies that indicate there are health benefits to having fish, or pet, in the home. Researchers at the State University of New York, Buffalo studied the outcome of pet ownership in 48 stockbrokers being treated for hypertension. 24 of the stockbrokers received a pet and the results found a significant reduction in their high blood pressure, a larger reduction than in those who did not receive a pet. “Most studies show a direct benefit from stroking a pet, for example, but this one goes a step further in that the act of owning a pet lowered blood pressure,” says Alan Entin, Ph.D., past president of the division of family psychology of the American Psychological Association. Published in the Journal for Occupational Health Psychology, one study reviewed businesses that allow pets vs. businesses that do not. The results show signs that pets actually improved the work environment, and amplified the employees mental health and mood.

The benefits are endless – The AquaBlock makes a great gift with multiple, custom design options in order to create the perfect glass fish tank for any child or busy office. The AQUABLOCKs are decorative, desktop sized tanks (8”H x 8”L x 3”W) that couldnt be easier to clean. NO filters, NO pumps, NO mess! All aquariums are hand crafted making no two the same and come with a custom carrying case.

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